Vixtel acquires Glass Phone developer to bring breakthrough product to Australian market

May 17, 2013 • Technology

Australian-owned telecommunications company Vixtel has announced on Wednesday that they have completed the acquisition of Silicon Valley-based CloudTC, the developer of Glass Phone.

Vixtel provides IP PBX systems throughout Australia, USA and Europe. With this acquisition, Vixtel will now be able to offer Australian businesses with a breakthrough product which would bring the smart phone technology to the desktop.

Image courtesy of Vixtel website

Image courtesy of Vixtel website

“We’re very proud to have worked with CloudTC for the last four years to develop the Glass Phone and we’re thrilled to have now acquired 100% of the company,” says Vixtel CEO Terry Crews. “It’s very exciting to now own the world’s most innovative desk phone and we look forward to further extending its capabilities with our local research and development team. For us, it’s about delivering a seamless communications experience; ensuring clients have access to a world-class network regardless of device or location.”

Among the products that Vixtel offers is the Glass 1100, a 9-inch touchscreen desk phone that operates on Android technology and delivers a user experience comparable to that of a smart phone. The Glass 1100 is currently available for all businesses within Australia.

Aside from the Glass Phone Vixtel clients can also access and control their hosted PBX via a web portal, according to the media release. The web portal can perform tasks such as call forwarding settings through a call center queue control, as well as real-time reporting and monitoring, with access being controlled for users, managers and administrators.

Crews said products like the iPhone have revolutionized not only how people communicate but also how users buy products. He says the company intends to bring that development to a whole new level.

“One simple device has put real pressure on traditionally strong product categories by using applications to transform the phone into anything from a camera to a spirit level,” says Crews.

“Our approach at Vixtel takes that rationale to a new level – today we are your telephone company, your PBX provider, your conferencing provider, your call centre manager and later this year we’ll offer a genuine replacement for the PC using the Glass Phone.”

Vixtel has already commenced the development of the Glass 2200 which will be launched and released later this year. The Glass 2200 will have a quad core processor, Linux operating system and boast the functionality of both a phone and desktop PC.

“This is seen as the next evolution of the desktop where the phone and PC are one device whilst allowing the user to operate them separately. It will bring true meaning to convergence and unified communications,” according to the release.


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