Definitive Car Detailing – Professional Car Detailing Sydney

Definitive Car Detailing – Professional Car Detailing Sydney
Definitive Car Detailing – Professional Car Detailing Sydney
Definitive Car Detailing is a professional car detailing firm that specialises in the spray application of the industry’s leading ceramic paint protection.

Don’t waste your money paying dealerships to apply inferior paint protection treatments to your car. Rely on the industry experts for the ultimate shine, glossiness and protection.

Definitive Car Detailing strictly uses the most advanced nanotechnology treatments that permanently bond to the paint, resulting in a mirror-like finish that will not fade. Offering swirl mark resistance, chemical resistance and hydrophobic properties, applying OptiCoat Pro + to your prestige car is a savvy investment that will keep your car in showroom condition.

By using a unique 4 coat spray application of OptiCoat Pro +, Definitive Car Detailing ensures that your car is protected from bird droppings, tree sap, oxidation and ultraviolet rays. If you love your car, this is the ceramic paint protection that you need.

Definitive Car Detailing is a boutique car detailing firm that focuses on prestige cars from luxury manufacturers such as Lexus, Porsche, Audi, Volvo, Land Rover, Jaguar, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Maserati, Ford, Honda, VW, Mitsubishi and Infiniti.

Frank Su and the car detailing experts at Definitive Car Detailing are committed to offering premium quality car detailing services that exceed even the most demanding expectations. Offering an expansive range of services that can be tailored to your unique needs, Definitive Car Detailing intends to provide the only car detailing services you will ever need.

Why Choose Definitive Car Detailing?

– Premium quality materials
– Meticulous workmanship
– Free paint protection quotes
– Competitive rates
– Free pick up and drop off
– Manufacturer’s performance guarantee
– Over 1200 spray gun customers
– 8 Years experience
– $10 Million comprehensive and liability insurance

The secret to the spectacular results that Definitive Car Detailing produce is their commitment to expert workmanship, meticulous attention to detail and strictly using only the highest quality polishes, compounds and machines. Don’t trust your prestige cars with amateurs. Trust the industry experts to provide your car with the first-rate detailing service it deserves.

– Ceramic paint protection
– Prestige car detailing
– Paint correction machine polishing
– Exterior decontamination
– Chrome polishing
– Alloy wheel polishing
– Matte sheen protection
– Engine bay detailing
– Interior carpet shampooing
– Vinyl trim treatments
– High quality showroom photos
– Convertible fabric restorations

Definitive Car Detailing is a locally owned and operated business based on the North Shore of Sydney. With numerous five star reviews, Definitive Car Detailing has built up a reputation for outstanding quality.

No matter what car you drive, Definitive Car Detailing is passionate about providing you with premium quality detailing services. Whether you need your exotic supercar expertly polished for a car show or your family car detailed ready for selling, Definitive Car Detailing offers cost effective services with unbeatable results.

To explore some of the cars the team have recently restored and detailed, visit the Definitive Car Detailing website. If you would like an appraisal on specialised paint protection treatments for your car, give Frank a call on 1300 954 200.

Address: 12/85 Mars Rd, Lane Cove West NSW 2066
Phone: 1300 954 200

12/85 Mars Rd, Lane Cove West NSW 2066
1300 954 200
  • Definitive Car Detailing – Professional Car Detailing Sydney