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Rock n Roll Kebabs
187, George Street, Brisbane, QLD 4000
We have variety of pizzas and kebabs are available with different meat and also with falafel(Veg). We serve 24 hours in the heart of the city on 1187 george street. We make best HSP’s with fresh meat and hot chips.

This Turkish take-away kebab shop is not very old but we are getting excellent response from our day to day customers.

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Aqua Mountain Water Filtration
8/5-15 Cook Rd, Tamborine Mountain QLD 4272
We supply a complete range of water filtration equipment for town and tank water requirements. Whether you’re needing to remove the chemical cocktail in your town water, or the health endangering microorganisms present in tank water, we have the package for you! Our range includes under sink units, benchtop filter units, whole house UV systems, alkalizing bench top water fountains and all replacement cartridges for each of these units. We deliver to the Gold Coast, Beechmont, Tamborine Mountain, Canungra, Tamborine Village, Jimboomba and surrounding districts, and Brisbane. Credit cards accepted.

If you are a city dweller and don’t mind a chemical cocktail as your primary water source, or a rural dweller and rely on a rain water tank system to drink and bathe in, then you will have a massive chemical collection and also an e-coli, bacterial and parasite issues to contend with in very unstable acidic unbalanced distilled tank water.
Many of the chemicals like Chlorine used in our town water are found to also destroy the good bacteria that form our first line of defence in the immune system, hence humans end up ‘catching’ many bad microorganisms floating around because the good microorganisms (our first line of defence in the immune system) have been killed off by these chemical anti-biotics.
As is chlorinated / fluoridated water equally potentially dangerous by drinking, also bathing and showering pose a risk by absorbing large amounts internally and externally through digestion, skin absorption and inhalation of chlorine as a chloride gas.
Rural tank water is equally as potentially dangerous as town water, but for many different reasons.
As storage tank water is completely delivered from rain water via building roofs and downpipes along with a multitude of debris including dust, chemical crop sprays, dead possums, rodents, snakes, birds (that hit upstairs windows) mosquitoes, frogs, toads, worms, parasites, insects, Guardia, Cryptosporidium, air pollution from industry and vehicles, etc.
By far the greatest potential risk to health comes from contamination of water with harmful microorganisms such as bacteria and parasites from bird or animal droppings, (faeces) resulting in large e-coli build-ups. Most water storage tanks contain large e-coli build-up. Rainwater tanks can also be contaminated from roof or plumbing materials.
Tank water, is basically distilled water, water that hasn’t had the opportunity to ‘earth-out’. That is, to fall to the ground and ‘run’ over the mineralised earth through a short distance of water courses, stream, rivers and finish its journey at the ocean- in a naturally mineralised balanced state, undrinkable, but very balanced and dynamically healthy to bathe in as the skin absorbs the mineral/ nutrient rich sea water.
Therefore rain (distilled) water is very acidic ‘dry’ and hungry water. What happens when we ‘trap’ this out of balance’ liquid in storage tanks is disastrous to the human body. Even the concrete and iron storage tanks are eaten away rapidly by this ‘hungry’ acidic liquid trying to magnetically balance its pH levels by eating out the tanks alkaline minerals like lime, potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium, iron, etc. The same thing happens in the human body, creating massive free radical damage, robbing minerals from body, bones and teeth.
The human body is constantly ravaged by this hungry out-of-balance-critically-unstable-liquid as we gulp it down as drinking water and draw it in through our skin through showering, bathing and teeth cleaning / rinsing.The results are catastrophic with this hungry liquid electrically charged to attract to its opposite polarity. Thus stealing our valuable minerals from bone, teeth and body reserves in its wild attempts to stabilise itself.
The food digestive system is severely restricted by continually drinking acidic rain water and town water as the stomach requires alkalinity before a meal to paradoxically trigger hydrochloric acid for proper digestion.
Distilled water is also ‘dry’ water insomuch as it cannot penetrate our cellular system so the cells are not hydrated by this unstable liquid, as the cells actually repel this out-of-balance liquid.
The cellular system requires balanced mineralised clean stable liquid to magnetically attract to the 100 trillion cells within the human body.
So very important is to filter our water with an 0.2 to 0.5 micron (half a micron) filter to remove bad bacteria, e-coli, chlorine, Cryptosporidium, Guardia, etc, and if possible to run our drinking water through our Benchtop alkalising mineral pH balancer.
Any filter beyond 0.5 micron (half a micron) will NOT be adequate.
ie: One micron to 5 micron filters are completely inadequate for rural or town water and will only work to remove organic waste particles and chemicals.
Aqua Mountain Water Filtration:
Benchtop Tower:
Fully protected drinking water with 0.2 to 0.5 (half) micron benchtop tap fitted filter. Conveniently effective.
Cleanable Ceramic & Carbon best quality protection. Easy to install with ongoing economical maintenance
99.99% Chlorine protection.
90% Fluoride protection.
Bacteria and Parasite full protection.
Mineral Water Purifier / Alkaliser
12 litre & 24 litre.
Full water protection with 0.2 to 0.5 (half) micron cleanable ceramic filter and alkalising minerals benchtop fountain
Mild alkaline crystal clear soft drinking water. Manual filling gravity fed upper holding tank.
Chlorine & Parasite full protection.
Easy to assemble and maintain.
* Under sink units available.
* Full house filtration with UV.
* Shower filters 0.5 micron.
Drink only safe, clear, parasite free water as nature intended it to be from Aqua Mountain Filtration.
Aqua Mountain Water Filtration- providing the best quality water filtration for over 15 years through our Nutritional Supplement business.

The Wine Doctor
Suite 5, Level 5 377-383 Sussex St Sydney, NSW 2000 Australia
The World’s First Resveratrol Enhanced Wine.

Red wine is probably the best-known source of Resveratrol due to the fermentation process that turns grape juice to alcohol. When red wine is produced, grape seeds and skins ferment in the grape’s juices, which has a positive effect on the levels and availability of resveratrol.

0413 061 437
Park Street Dining
815 Nicholson Street Carlton North, VIC 3054
We’re a cosy café by day and an intimate neighbourhood restaurant by night. Set in the tight-knit community of Carlton North, we offer a flexible dining experience with breakfast, lunch and dinner menus by chefs Jesse Gerner, Russell Hall and Andrew Fisk.Capital Coffee Roasters runs the coffee program and locally roasts all of our blends. Our pastries and breads are made daily in-house, as are our pastas. We cure our own bacon and use veggies and herbs straight from our gardens. What we can’t grow or produce ourselves, we source from the best purveyors in and around Melbourne.

We’re committed to serving our community and we’re big on environmentally friendly and ethically aware business practices. If you bring your own coffee mug to us, we’ll give you discount on your coffee so we can minimise paper cup waste. We have a top-notch composting system that minimises our food waste and we’re involved in various community and eco-conscious projects. The fresh herbs you see outside our building? They’re up for a snip any time you’re passing by. And to sweeten it all, with the help of Rooftop Honey, we keep bees on the rooftop making honey.

(03) 9380 5499
508/267-277 Castlereagh S Sydney
PATAZA Pty Ltd (Aussie Food Export) manufactures a range of Nuts and Dried Fruits for export to Asia including China and Also Europe. Our range includes Whole Dried Cranberries, Almonds, Macadamias and Pistachio nuts. We also source and supply a wide range of Australian made food products for export.

We are an Australian company established in 2004. We have over 25 years experience in FMCG and we are able to source Private Label manufacturing for export customers.

The Little Veggie Patch Company
2A Brighton Road St Kilda East VIC 3183
A little food, a little fun; A little soul, a little sun; A little green, a little grow… The Little Veggie Patch Co.

There is no better feeling than knowing that you ate a healthy meal today. Little Veggie Patch Company will help you eat healthy food. Since 2008, we are dealing with maintaining small garden places. Also we are offering heirloom seeds for your garden, books that will help you become successful gardener. And different garden accessories. Just visit our website and browse our products.

(03) 9531 5594