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Materials Handling Exhibition

January 11, 2011 • EventsComments (0)

A safe and effective production and distribution chain is crucial to the profitability of manufacturing. Production staff feel more confident in a safe working area and this will increase their productivity. If you are interested in sourcing new materials handling solutions and advice, visit the Materials Handling Exhibition 2011. Held annually in Sydney,

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Upcoming National Manufacturing Week (NMW) 2011

January 6, 2011 • EventsComments (0)

The National Manufacturing Week is an annual fully integrated manufacturing exhibition, held to showcase the latest innovative products and services coming from ten specialist zones, i.e., air technology, automation and robotics, health and safety, welding

EcoForum 2011 in Sydney

January 6, 2011 • EventsComments (0)

The effect of global warming is a pertinent issue experienced all over the world now.  Its alarming effects have raised awareness in various industries over the world to take a more proactive role to further reduce the factors contributing to this

Clean Energy Event

January 5, 2011 • EventsComments (0)

Labelled as ‘Australia’s most significant international clean energy event’, the all-energy 2010 conference program is free of charge to all with a professional interest in renewable/ sustainable/ clean energy. Last year’s all-energy Australia