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Australia’s Only Remaining Family-Owned Brewery Celebrates 150 Years

June 26, 2012 • Brief History, FeaturedComments (2)

If you’re like me, you enjoy the hard earned thirst for a good cold beer. You might get it entering your quarterly bas, typing an email, nailing a powerpoint presentation, or in this case updating your blog. However you get that thirst, Coopers is one of those premium beers you’ll find staring back at you …

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Arnott’s: an Australian icon.

May 24, 2012 • Brief HistoryComments (1)

When I was given the task of writing up a piece on Australian made Arnott’s, one thing came to mind; scotch Finger biscuits. No Tim Tams. Actually Wagon Wheels. Okay there were many things that came to mind. And as I’m eating a scotch finger

Fosters Group – How it all began.

January 31, 2012 • Brief HistoryComments (0)

Dating back to 1854, Australia’s most popular beer, VB, was brewed in Melbourne by the Victoria Brewery – establishing itself as Carlton Brewery soon after. Thirty years later,  two brothers William and Ralph Foster of New York started the

Skincare Revolution

May 25, 2011 • Brief HistoryComments (0)

Known for its rugged natural beauty, Australia is also famous for its organic skincare products. Skincare Revolution is a 100 per cent Australian made natural skincare products, inspired by the beautiful natural surroundings of Australia. In the beginning,

Keeping Warm with Creswick

April 20, 2011 • Brief HistoryComments (0)

Soft, fuzzy and warm knitwears or quilts make winter more bearable. Situated in in Creswick, a small township about 120km away from Melbourne is Creswick Wollen Mills, the only coloured wollen spinning mill in Australia. In recent years, over 50 Australian

Illumination Mandalas History

April 19, 2011 • Brief HistoryComments (0)

Situated on the beautiful South coast of NSW, Illumination Mandalas is a 100% Australian owned business manufacturing silk screened, luminous “stained glass” window decals. It all started in 1979 as a wholesale business, importing luminous window

Zoom: Aussie Gourmet Coffee

April 11, 2011 • Brief HistoryComments (0)

In March 2008, Zoom Coffee was established in Lennox Head, New South Wales. Their aim: To provide the local specialty coffee industry with locally roasted coffee, the best that earth can produce. Since then, Zoom Coffee has prospered into a quality Australian