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Scientist Discover New 2D material for next generation high-speed electronics

January 9, 2013 • NewsComments (0)

Scientists at CSIRO and RMIT University have developed a new two-dimensional material that could potentially revolutionise the electronics market, making “nano” more than just a marketing term. The material, which is made up of layers of crystal known as molybdenum oxides, is said to have unique properties that encourage the free flow of electrons at

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Australian Manufacturing Workers Union Assists Tassie Fire Effort

January 8, 2013 • NewsComments (0)

The AMWU’s Tasmanian division has moved to assist members affected by the state’s destructive bush fires, with emergency services yet to clarify the extent of the damage. The branch’s barbecue trailer is being taken to the bushfire zone in the state’s

South Australian Industry invited to develop trade opportunities with China

December 21, 2012 • NewsComments (0)

South Australian food businesses have been encouraged to participate in a major State Government project that will see increased trade opportunities with a major province in China, which has a population of 37 million.  Minister for Agriculture, Food and

Australian Manufacturing Ranks Worst Among 19 Nations

December 18, 2012 • NewsComments (0)

Australian manufacturing is the least productive in the developed world with productivity falling 4% in 2011 according to a United States Bureau of Labor Statistics report. Japan closely followed Australia with a fall of approximately 3 per cent and Italy

AMWU Says Spend Australian Tax Payer Dollars on Building Capability Network in Australia

December 17, 2012 • NewsComments (0)

Australian Manufacturing Workers’ Union last week welcomed the announcement by the Government to establish a submarine Land Based Test Site in South Australia, believing it could be an important step in readying local industry to design and building

Australian Manufacturing Workers Union Welcomes Investment in Tasmania

December 13, 2012 • NewsComments (0)

The Australian Manufacturing Workers’ Union has welcomed the Tasmanian Government’s $76m jobs plan as a boost to the state’s employment and economy. The Unions’ State Secretary John Short revealed that the union had been calling for initiatives to be

AMWU Welcomes Gillard Government’s Interim Manufacturing Policy

December 10, 2012 • NewsComments (0)

The Australian Manufacturing Workers’ Union last week welcomed the Federal Government’s interim response to the Prime Minister’s Manufacturing Task Force as an important entrée in ensuring Australia remains a country that continues to make things. The