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Stanford researchers develop vine-like robot that can grow on demand

July 25, 2017 • World NewsComments (0)

Researchers from Stanford University have developed a new type of robot that can cover distance by growing, just like vines, fungi and nerve cells. The new robot is basically a tube of soft material that grows in one direction; its revolutionary design is what enables the movement of the tip without movement of the body. …

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Check out Safilo and Materialise’s 3D printed “wearable sculptures“

July 24, 2017 • World NewsComments (0)

3D printing company Materialise has joined forces with Italian glasses company Safilo to create a whole collection of 3d printed glasses. The collection, OXYDO SS 2017, comprises of pieces which are described as proof what additive manufacturing can do in

Stratasys wins 3D printing contract with Airbus

July 19, 2017 • World NewsComments (0)

Stratasys has announced that it has been awarded a contract by Airbus to 3D print polymer parts that will be used on the A350 XWB aircraft. In a media release, the company revealed that it will 3D print these parts using its high-end commercial FDM 3D

Hyperloop completes world’s first full systems Hyperloop test in a vacuum environment

July 17, 2017 • World NewsComments (0)

Hyperloop One has successfully completed the first full-scale test of its hyperloop technology a test track in the Nevada Desert, heralding the arrival of the first new mode of transportation in over 100 years. The hyperloop is a futuristic train for moving

Leading parts supplier WTM adopts Stratasys’ new 3D printing solution for aircraft interiors

July 14, 2017 • World NewsComments (0)

Hong Kong-based parts supplier Western Tool & Mold (WTM) has adopted Stratasys’ recently launched Fortus 900mc Aircraft Interiors (AI) Certification Solution to produce aircraft cabin components that meet stringent FAA and EASA certification

BAE Systems secures major manufacturing contract

July 13, 2017 • World NewsComments (0)

BAE Systems has won a £3.7bn (A$6.2bn) agreement to construct the first three ships for the UK Ministry of Defence Type 26 Global Combat Ship programme. The Type 26 Global Combat Ship will be a world-class anti-submarine warfare ship and will replace the

Swiss researchers are building a digitally fabricated DFAB House using 3D printing and robots

July 10, 2017 • World NewsComments (0)

Eight researchers from the ETH Zurich University together with industry partners including contractor Erne AG Holzbau are building a three-storey DFAB House in the School’s campus that will be used to test smart home technologies. The house, which is said