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Rockwell Automation announces investment in artificial intelligence for industrial automation

November 6, 2017 • World NewsComments (0)

Rockwell Automation has made an investment in The Hive, a Silicon Valley innovation fund that co-creates, funds, and launches startups with substantial operational and technology support. Elik Fooks, senior vice president for corporate development at Rockwell Automation, said the investment will allow the company to access an ecosystem of innovators and

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Boeing HorizonX announces investment in advanced materials technology

November 3, 2017 • World NewsComments (0)

Boeing’s new division, known as HorizonX, has made its first investment in advanced materials with a view to reduce weight and cost of materials for use in aerospace, automotive and other industries. The company has announced an investment in

Daimler wins electric truck race – unveils fully-electric truck ahead of Tesla’s anticipated electric Semi

October 30, 2017 • World NewsComments (0)

Daimler, the parent company of Mercedes-Benz, has launched E-FUSO Vision One – an all-electric heavy-duty truck with a range of up to 350 kilometres. According to the official announcement, the world premiere of the E-FUSO Vision One is proof that the

Global engineering group expands use of Stratasys 3D printing solutions to accelerate part delivery to customers

October 26, 2017 • World NewsComments (0)

Global engineering group GKN is expanding the deployment of Stratasys 3D printing across the manufacturing floor of its Florence plant to replace several traditional production processes and improve business performance. GKN Driveline Florence services over

Bayer to sell crop science division for €5.9bn 

October 16, 2017 • World NewsComments (0)

German chemicals giant Bayer has announced that it will sell parts of its crop science business to BASF for €5.9 billion. BASF is also a German company, specializing in chemicals manufacture. According to the official announcement, the deal will only go

Toyota teams up with Mazda, Denso to develop basic structural technologies for EVs

October 3, 2017 • World NewsComments (0)

Toyota has unveiled plans to develop basic structural technologies for electric vehicles under a joint technology development contract with Mazda and Denso. The three parties are establishing a new company called EV Common Architecture Spirit Co. Ltd, which

Ford tests designing new vehicles by using holograms

September 25, 2017 • World NewsComments (0)

In order to be one step ahead of the competition when it comes to designing more stylish vehicles for its customers, Ford has turned to Microsoft and its revolutionary HoloLens mixed reality technology. Developed by Microsoft, the HoloLens mixed reality