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AquaGen – Renewable Wave Energy

April 7, 2011 • UncategorizedComments (0)

AquaGen is an Australian technology company specialising in the development of renewable ocean energy. The company’s future strategy is to scale-up the Lorne pier demonstration unit to large scale commercial wave farms capable of producing Megawatts of electricity or Gigalitres of desalinated water. To know more about AquaGen wave technology, please

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Aussie Fresh Produce in Demand

April 5, 2011 • UncategorizedComments (0)

Following the recent Japan disaster, Australian exporters should brace themselves for higher demand in fresh produce to Japan, especially meat and seafood. This comes as a result of food safety concerns and production shortfalls in Japan. Detection of cobalt,

Australian Made, Australian Grown latest TV commercial.

April 4, 2011 • UncategorizedComments (0)

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iPad 2 to Launch in Australia

March 22, 2011 • UncategorizedComments (0)

Last year, the iPad wave swept over the Australian digital gadget market. In 2010, the ground-breaking device was named by TIME Magazine as one of the Best Inventions of the Year 2010, making it the king of cool devices. Less than a year later, this Friday,

Carbon Tax for Manufacturers

March 17, 2011 • UncategorizedComments (0)

The Labor government announced plans for a fixed carbon emission price starting next year. Although the fixed price has yet to be determined, polluters will have to pay for their carbon footprints starting July 2010. While carbon emission is inevitable in

Maintaining Your Luxury Watches

February 11, 2011 • UncategorizedComments (0)

Luxury watches are not only an investment, they are also beautiful pieces of machinery that you should nurture, which you will be rewarded when the watches are kept on charge time. Mechanical Watches – These are little pieces of intricate machinery that

Wine All Year Round

January 6, 2011 • UncategorizedComments (0)

Time flies. The holidays are over – No more back-to-back Christmas parties to attend and no more excuse getting intoxicated with the scent and flavor of the wonderful array of wines that the ‘Down Under’ boasts. But who says it only takes the