Business printers manufacturer OKI Data Australia launches managed print service program


OKI Data Australia, a global manufacturer of business range printers and multifunction devices, has announced the launch of its latest program OKI Klik, a managed print service which enables businesses to take control of their printing costs by paying only for the pages that were printed.

Image credit: Free Digital Photos user pakorn
Image credit: Free Digital Photos user pakorn

According to the media release from the company, OKI Klik will allow users to lock down their operating expenses through a single monthly payment for consumables, giving them lower running costs by paying for printing on a cost per page basis. This would also help eliminate the potential of receiving surprisingly large bills when consumables are replaced.

“Users will now pay for what they use and yet continue to enjoy full OKI maintenance support.  Businesses will benefit from cost-effective and more predictable printing costs,” said Antonio Leone, Marketing Manager, OKI Data Australia.

Aside from the reduction in costs, the Klik program also offers resellers the opportunity to benefit from an ongoing cost per page revenue stream. Klik simplifies the supply chain for consumables and offers repeat revenue when the customer contract is due for renewal, according to OKI Data.

Under the program, businesses are provided with two fixed rates per printed page, for coloured printing and mono printing. The rates are based on coverage and assume the A4 page size. Klik charge contracts are flexible and will be offered for a 36 month long term or longer and clients are given the option to extend or cancel.


OKI Data Australia will continue to manage the backend logistics and page counting, eliminating the need for the reseller to invest in a managed print services infrastructure, allowing them to focus on their relationship with the customer.

OKI Data Australia’s head office is based in Macquarie Park, NSW. The company began its operations in Australia in 2009 after being acquired from long-time master agent and distributor, IPL.

All OKI printer products are supported by Australian-based technicians and a three-year warranty.

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