High speed 3D printing with the BigRep Pro: Just how fast does it get the job done?

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We’ve seen the type of innovation that can be created using BigRep’s flagship product, the BigRep Pro. Whether it’s on automotive assembly lines or the transportation of the future, the Pro is the solution to large-scale industrial additive manufacturing requirements. But just how fast can this machine get the job done? After all, the speed at which businesses can get their innovations to market is just as important as manufacturing high quality products. Both the lead time and output are essential to success.

With the advanced BigRep PRO and its proprietary Metering Extruder Technology (MXT®), the company has truly raised the bar to print industrial parts from start to finish in half the time with demanding engineering-grade materials. Watch the video to see how the Pro stacked against their own BigRep ONE, a large scale 3D printer that is already known to exceed industry standards.

Aside from its award-winning 3D printers, BigRep also offers an increasing selection of high-performance, engineering-grade filaments. As their portfolio grows, new materials can take full advantage of the company’s large-format 3D printers’ speed, precision, and quality. Unlike many manufacturers, BigRep is also dedicated to third-party material compatibility, so users can keep their freedom when choosing materials.


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