Vmoto launches three new B2C electric two-wheel vehicle models


ASX-listed electric scooter maker Vmoto has expanded its B2C product offering with the launch of three new B2C electric two-wheel vehicle models.

The three new B2C models, which have been more than one year in the making, include the new TS model, the new TC model and a CUmini model, all of which were unveiled at the recent 2021 Vmoto Soco World Première.

The TS “Street Hunter” is a sporty electric motorcycle that has a muscular, curvy design inspired by the “street fighter” style in the motorcycle world. Intended for urban e-mobility purposes, it has been completely redesigned to have greater power and high performance.

The TC “Wanderer” – which targets motorcycle enthusiasts – is a sporty electric motorcycle featuring knobbly tyres, providing more traction and delivering maximum performance on a variety of terrains (on-road and off-road). The vehicle has been designed to have a retro café racer style.

Vmoto said the “Wanderer” features innovative solutions to protect the electric driving system, batteries and internal components from mud and water.  According to the company, it has been engineered to protect the sensitive parts of the bike with highly resistant and infiltration-proof aluminium covers.

Designed for daily urban commuting, CUmini is an affordable urban electric scooter that will be the entry level to the company’s B2C range of products. Vmoto said it has been inspired by the current CUX product and is targeting ‘passionate riders who love to have fun’.

Vmoto’s Managing Director Charles Chen said the launch of these new models demonstrates the company’s commitment to remaining at the forefront of two-wheel electric vehicle innovation.

“2020 has been a landmark year for the Company’s growth. We continue to deliver excellent results operationally and commercially,” he continued.

“We are confident that the release of these three new superior electric two-wheel vehicle B2C products will ensure our growth continues during the next year and beyond.”

According to the company’s statement, all three models are available for order immediately and will be distributed internationally in over 50 countries and 4 continents, including Europe, South America, Asia and Africa.

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