Amcor designed the bottle, the consumer designs the shampoo

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In celebration of National Packaging Design Day, Amcor is releasing the second episode in its video series Beyond the Bottle. The video highlights the way Amcor has built its reputation on finding innovative solutions to its customers’ packaging challenges, and how they tackled a complex challenge from Function of Beauty.

In this Beyond the Bottle episode, you will hear from Function of Beauty and Amcor Rigid Packaging executives who detail how the companies collaborated. Function of Beauty has a highly visible brand identity – its colorful formulas, visible through its clear plastic bottles, are well-known. When the company came to Amcor wanting help to increase the amount of post-recycled content used in its packaging, Amcor knew it must maintain the clarity and feel of the bottle.

Function of Beauty is the world leader in customizable beauty, with products for hair, skin and body care. In fact, it now boasts 87 trillion formulas using 60 natural ingredients. The latest science is used to ensure each formula is as unique as the individual. Consumers can build personalized hair products by selecting the formula, color, fragrance and even the name on the label.

Although Amcor has hundreds of existing stock PET bottles and jars for beverages, food, healthcare, personal care and homecare products, engineers quickly realized it didn’t have an exact match among its stock bottles. The team collaborated in everything from pre-form to bottle design to manufacturing. Amcor sourced high-quality premium-grade resin made of 100% recycled content (rPET) that when blown into a bottle maintains the consumer experience.

The resulting custom 16- and 8-ounce bottles – for shampoos and conditioners – are both made of 100% premium-grade rPET and will be used for customized hair products purchased through the Function of Beauty website.

The partnership allowed Function of Beauty to save about 350,000 pounds of virgin resin every year. All bottles are also recyclable.

Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) is a preferred material because it is lightweight, shatterproof, reclosable, reusable and infinitely recyclable*. And Amcor’s recycled PET bottles will always serve an important purpose by protecting the products that keep us nourished, healthy, hydrated and clean, but more and more consumers are demanding these packages are also recyclable or reusable. Amcor is uniquely positioned with deep expertise and partnerships in packaging design to drive this change.

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