Senkki Furniture


    Senkki Furniture
    Designed and Made in Australia, Senkki Furniture is the creation of retromodern duo Monique Boseley and Charles O’Donovan.  Utilising the best of what they have learnt over the years, the team applies knowledge and creativity to produce their furniture, inviting customer’s creative input, ensuring each piece of furniture compliments the clients requirements.
    “The fact that each piece of furniture is hand made to order means that we only produce what is actually demanded. Keeping the design and production in Australia allows us to monitor and control every element of the build. Making changes and improvements with minimum delay and effort so that our furniture is always evolving in order to satisfy our customers requirements” Charles O’Donovan.
    With a focus on the intelligent use of materials, time and manufacturing methods, the small-scale, local production means that both Senkki and their customers reap the rewards.
    “Senkki was born from the desire to design furniture that would offer an alternative to the Mid Century Danish classics. It has become very difficult and expensive to find these collectable pieces and for those who are keen to have something ‘new’ with a contemporary twist then this is where we fit in.” says Monique Boseley.
    For more information on Senkki, please visit

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