Automotive Industry in Need of Assistance


According to the proprietor of a local automotive company, Australians needs to be educated on how to manufacture high tech and more value enhanced cars. The reason being is because there is the push for Australia to be more innovative as a growing economy.

If action is not pursued, then the nation will be at a opportunity cost, a loss occurred when the costs will outweigh the current benefits. Managing director of GM Holden, Mr Devereux states that “new technologies, state of the art manufacturing skills and growing energy industries” are being developed. This will undoubtedly assist in producing more energy efficient and “greener” cars as well as less carbon pollution.

Major automotive manufacturers  such as Toyota and Holden have already begun investing in new research and development in environmentally friendly cars. Before long, Australians will have the option of customising whether their model runs on either diesel, ethanol, all electric or hybrid.  There has also been support of the LPG or liquefied petroleum gas to fuel cars, as Australia is known to have a large source of gas.


Unfortunately, the government had recently abolished the green car innovation fund in order to support the Queensland floods.


Image: Paul Martin Eldridge /

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