Fosters Group – How it all began.


Dating back to 1854, Australia’s most popular beer, VB, was brewed in Melbourne by the Victoria Brewery – establishing itself as Carlton Brewery soon after.
Thirty years later,  two brothers William and Ralph Foster of New York started the Fosters brewery in 1888. Having owned a refrigeration plant, placed them at an advantage when brewing the beer in the Australian climate, and so the first Foster’s Lager was brewed in Melbourne. The brothers sold the company a year later to return to America.

In 1907, Carlton Brewery and Fosters, came together  to form Carlton United Brewers, CUB.

Today Carlton United Brewers is Australia’s largest brewer. Employing approximately 2000 people, primarily in Australia, with products sold in over 45 countries. ‘CUB also operates breweries in Fiji and Samoa and is the largest brewer in the Pacific Islands, brewing Fiji and Samoa’s favourite beers, Fiji Bitter and Vailima, as well as 28 other labels sold in over 15 countries.’ FosterGroup


Australia’s largest brewer, the company’s logistics and sales network delivers to over 20,000 venues, including hotels, clubs, liquor stores, restaurants and bars.

‘For over 150 years, Carlton United Brewers’ beers have been consumer favourites.’

Carlton United Brewers is Australia’s largest brewer, with more than 50% market share of the off-premise beer category. Carlton United Breweri has an alcohol beverage sales team of significant scale servicing over 17,000 customers across the on-premise and off-premise channels.A national brewing, logistics and sales network delivers to over 20,000 customers including hotels, clubs, liquor stores, restaurants and bars.

‘In addition to its beer business, Carlton United Brewers generates earnings in Australia from the production and distribution of:

  • some of Australia’s largest cider brands, including Strongbow, Bulmers and Mercury;
  • a select portfolio of spirits brands, including Cougar Bourbon and Black Douglas; and
  • a selection of non-alcohol beverage brands such as Torquay waters and the Cascade range of fruit juices and soft drinks.’

In September 2011, Fosters Group accepted a take over bid, by London based SABMiller.




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