Time to recognise farmers


    The minister of Agriculture and Food Security, Peter Walsh, has recognised the contribution Victorian farmers make to the country’s economy this Australia Day. With Victorian dairy producing 65 per cent of Australia’s milk production and 86 per cent of its dairy products exports Mr Walsh stated  “Victoria has much to boast about when it comes to agriculture, but our farmers also put in a lot of hard work to achieve that great reputation for quality food.” The largest producer and exporter of sheep meat in 2010-11, Victoria accounts for 41 per cent of Australian lamb production, with a farm gate value of $1 billion and is also the countries largest vegetable exporter.

    “This year, 2012, is Australian Year of the Farmer and there is no better time to focus on past achievements and also the future of our farming industries, communities and the businesses that support them… Also, we know Victoria’s farmers uphold the world’s highest standards of animal welfare, underpinned by rigorous codes of practice and processing standards.” Mr Walsh said.