Auto workers petition parliament to match commitments to Australian Industry


The Australian Manufacturing Workers’ Union is today launching a petition calling on all members of Federal Parliament to continue supporting the Australian car manufacturing industry, in response to the Coalition’s decision to axe funding and threaten jobs in the auto industry.

National Secretary Dave Oliver said hundreds of workers had already signed the petition, which calls for Tony Abbott to cancel his proposed cuts to auto industry funding and commit to bipartisan support for the Australian car industry.

“The car industry and auto-component industry pays more than 200,000 Australians’ wages.

“Despite the car industry’s value to Australia, the Coalition are set to end their support for the industry by refusing to commit to any assistance beyond 2015, denying the industry $1 billion in the years to 2020.

“The Coalition’s policy would send a death rattle through the Australian car industry and the entire Australian manufacturing industry.

“The Coalition’s policy is short sighted and jeopardises manufacturing jobs today and for the next generation.

“A sustainable car manufacturing industry must be a partnership between car companies, workers and their unions, and all sides of politics.

“We call on the Opposition to declare whether they do actually support Australian manufacturing workers.


“Unless the Coalition provide that commitment, there’s grave doubt over whether we can build the innovative, resilient and globally competitive industry this country wants and needs.

“Recent polling confirms that Tony Abbott is out of touch with the community when it comes to government support for manufacturing and the car industry in particular. Polling by Essential Research last week showed 68 per cent of voters support current assistance to the industry, including 72 per cent of Liberal/National voters.”

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