Holden Cruze Rises Against The Commodore


    The significant Holden Commodore known for its popularity for the past 15 years has suffered a huge defeat from its smaller sibling, the Cruze.

    Early sales figures had revealed that the Mazda 3 was in the lead whilst the Cruze was in third place with 2400 sales. On the other end, the Ford Falcon had continued to experience a decline in sales. It was during January in which the company recorded its lowest sales in more than its 50-year period. This was also the first time that the Ford Falcon’s sales had dropped to a three-digit number.

    Sinead Phipps, a spokesperson for Ford Australia claimed that the main reason was due to the unavailability of cars. She stated that “a significant number of Falcons…couldn’t be shipped because of hail damage during a storm.”

    Holden had also announced its decision to cut up to 200 jobs after restructuring its Adelaide production line. According to Managing director, Mike Devereux, up to 100 fixed term contracts and casual jobs will be under the hammer. It can be assured that full time employees are likely to remain permanent.

    Holden aims to restructure its production line in order to account for continuing changes.

    Source : http://smh.drive.com.au/motor-news/cruze-overtakes-commodore-20120202-1qtzp



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