Continued Job Loss Caused by Further Setback in Manufacturing


Latest figures have revealed that Australia’s manufacturing sector will continue to decline. The crisis will leave many families unemployed or working fewer hours.

According to the Australian Manufacturing Workers Union, Narre Warren, Victoria hosts the largest amount of workers in the manufacturing industry. News of manufacturing’s decline has raised concerns with members in the community. Results also suggest that jobs in mining will not generate enough employment opportunities to cover job losses in this particular region.

Dave Oliver, secretary of AMWU national secretary believes that Victoria will be one of the major states to be affected by the current changes. He claims “Victoria’s eastern suburbs and western suburbs have a lot to lose.” With the loss of jobs, drainage of domestic income will leave “people’s lives…turned upside down.” These main effects will be witnessed by individuals who have less to spend on basic necessities such as food, water and shelter.


Hence, Victorians are in the hopes that Premier Ted Bailieu, who claims that “the Coalition government is implementing a clear plan to generate jobs, attract new business investment…and grow Victoria’s economy.” will overturn the dire situation.

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