Saturday 12 May to Sunday 13 May

The Eco Xpo is the all-inclusive forum of eco companies and their customers. The Eco Xpo is a gathering of hearts, minds and soul, embodied by a group of like-minded companies who will display and sell their sustainable wares to discerning eco-conscious consumers. Each company represented at the Eco Xpo is a proud owner or user of an organic, natural and/or sustainable brand. Maximum exposure of these brands is necessary for success, and Eco Xpo is the ideal platform for these brands sharing a common value to showcase the best in each industry. Eco Xpo is a unique experience, a fun and learning event, suitable for the whole family. Exhibitors participating adhere to certified organic and good environmental practice and must act in accordance for entrance, to ensure they are genuine participators.

Ticket Price
General Admission A$10.00
Family A$20.00 (Two adults and two children)
Concession A$5.00
Child A$5.00 (Under 10 years enter for free)

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