Future Toyota Hybrids at Geneva


The Geneva Motor Show will display the future showroom and concept models that Toyota is producing in it’s Australian-wide rejuvenation.

Marking the world debut of the FT-Bh concept – a “total vehicle” approach to reducing emissions in an affordable city car – consisting of an ultra-lightweight, hybrid city  car.

With the low emissions and the economically viable production framework, Toyota is set to win over many of the “Go Green” activists.

Having avoided, purposely, the expensive materials and complex manufacturing processes, the team that produced the FT-Bh will proudly present the car at the show this year along side their NS4 and FCV-R concepts.

NS4 is the next-generation plug-in hybrid, designed to address customer demand for added value together with advanced design.

Full details will be revealed at Toyota’s press conference on its stand at the Geneva motor show at 10.15am on Tuesday, 6 March (8.15pm AEST).

FCV-R represents Toyota’s next step towards mass production of hydrogen-powered vehicles, paving the way for the launch of a fuel-cell vehicle by 2015.

Also making its world premiere in Geneva is the Yaris Hybrid, which will be sold in the European market.


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