Rudd Declares Automotive Industries as Priorities


    Kevin Rudd has spoken out and made claims that he will pursue interest in the manufacturing and automotive industries if he is elected as prime minister of Australia. Among this issue, Mr Rudd listed maintaining business confidence through continued investment as a priority. He also indicated his desire to restore health and education reforms.

    The government’s previous decision to cease support of the green car fund was not supported by Mr Rudd. He claimed that it would hurt the automotive industry, which is why he listed this sector as a priority. It was also revealed that Mr Rudd wanted to be a prime minister that could take action and he spoke of “enduring passion” in terms of making things happen.

    The speech made has even got the support of the public, as it is vital for the South Australian economy to thrive. Chris Burns who is the Defence Teaming Centre chief executive has stated that it is more than essential for these sectors and industries to receive attention. In particular, enhancing the manufacturing and automotive industries in terms of skill sets is vital to the growing defence department.


    Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard both have different goals they want to achieve which is beneficial to society. However, Mr Rudd has maintained that car making is amongst his top priorities.


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