Numac is proud to be the principal sponsor Eco-Forum Conference


Numac , the specialist provider of drilling services , is the principal sponsor of the Eco-Forum Conference and Exhibition held in Sydney’s Australia’s Technology Park.

“Numac is excited to be a part of this important event as it brings together the leaders of our industries to focus on creating new innovative solutions to environmental problems, forge new partnerships and share best practices. We are very passionate about our people being part of these discussions and sharing our knowledge.” CEO of Numac Ross Raymond.

Numac is sponsoring the Ecoforum Dinner and will be involved in the forums which include the following topics:

  • – Land and groundwater remediation
  • – EcoWaste
  • – Mine water management
  • – Water in perspective
  • – Climate change response
  • – Sustainability in the Asian century
  • – Sustainable engineering
  • – Sustainable cities
  • – EcoCommunication

“We have a strong focus on the environmental and social sustainability of our business, we work with environmental and geotechnical consulting firms across the eastern seaboard of Australia and strive to be a leading example to the industries in which we work, providing drillingsite divestment and remediation services.” Raymond explains.

The EcoForum hones in on the experience of environment industry practitioners and their clients, with the aim of  creating innovative solutions to environmental problems. ‘This multi-disciplinary event relies on passionate people taking part in discussions about real solutions and sharing their knowledge.’

More information at EcoForum


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