Manufacturers can apply for the $1 billion Clean Technology Investment Programs

Picture: Danilo Rizzuti

Manufacturers can learn how to apply for the $1 billion Clean Technology Investment Programs at a series of information sessions hosted by AusIndustry around Australia.

The sessions will help manufacturers and business operators interested in applying for assistance under the programs. They will allow businesses to have face-to-face contact and receive advice from AusIndustry officers and policy experts.

The two programs – the $800 million Clean Technology Investment Program and the $200 million Clean Technology Food and Foundries Investment Program – are part of the Government’s Clean Energy Future package.


The Clean Technology Investment programs will provide assistance to help manufacturers make the transition to a low carbon economy and assist businesses to invest in energy efficient capital equipment and low emissions technologies, processes and products.

This is important, as the world moves to reduce carbon pollution, improving energy efficiency and reducing emissions will help our firms to reduce costs and gain a competitive advantage.

At an individual level, these changes are good for a business. At a national level they will help secure the future of manufacturing in this country and move us towards a clean energy future.

The Clean Technology Investment Programs provide grants to support investment in energy efficient capital equipment and low emission technologies, processes and products. The programs target businesses of all sizes across manufacturing industries.

The Clean Technology Investment Programs, together with other initiatives, like the $8.6 billion Jobs and Competitiveness Program, the $300 million Steel Transformation Plan and the $1.3 billion Coal Sector Jobs Package, provide transitional assistance for business and industry.

For more information on the Clean Technology Investment Programs and a full schedule of information sessions visit AusIndustry’s website or call 13 28 46.

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