Paid Parental Leave Scheme is Good Business


    Employers are always on the lookout for skillful and efficient employees.  They hire potential staffs with the hope they will be a great addition in achieving the long-term goals of their company’s success.  They invest on trainings and seminars for these newcomers to supplement their initial skills and use it accordingly for the company’s interest.  But circumstances arise that they lose their valuable employees for various reasons most common are health and family related issues.

    Employees are actually entitled with certain rights like the Fair Work Act 2009.  In which, it provides them a range of measures so they can balance work and family responsibilities.  And to further enhance that right, the Australian Government is implementing a new scheme – the Paid Parental Leave Scheme, to further support specifically the expectant working mothers.  In this new scheme, expectant mothers are entitled to an 18-weeks taxable pay of $570.  It is a government funded scheme so employers need not to worry.

    This is actually good for business.  Since, it won’t cost the employers just the effort of implementing the said scheme to their payroll system and the leg work will be done by the employees themselves.  Also, it will encourage their much valued skilled employees to return to their respective work by allowing them to spend time and attend to the needs of their newborns first.  The company will also earn the reputation of a family friendly workplace where many potentially skillful women may take interest in joining.


    To learn more on Paid Parental Leave, please visit:

    Or call their Hotline:  For Employers: 13 1158 / For Parents: 13 6150

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