Stratasys to demonstrate how additive manufacturing responds directly to specific requirements of aerospace manufacturers at Paris Air Show


Stratasys Ltd has announced that it will take part in this year’s Paris Air Show to showcase how aerospace companies can benefit from its revolutionary 3D printing and additive manufacturing technology.

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“Aerospace companies are leveraging additive manufacturing solutions to enhance buy-to-fly ratios and simplify the manufacture and assembly of complex part geometries.  This simplifies customers’ structured bills of material on aircraft and leads to increased supply chain efficiencies and reduced overhead costs associated with maintaining and executing contracts for each part,” said Andy Storm, General Manager of Aerospace, Automotive, & Defence Vertical Solutions.

“Our additive manufacturing solutions produce complex parts on-demand, ensuring on-time delivery at the point of use. We encourage interested aerospace customers to visit the Stratasys booth during the show to speak with a Vertical Solutions technical expert.”

By turning to 3D printing and additive manufacturing, aerospace companies can manufacture lighter parts, improve buy-to-fly ratios, achieve cost savings, reduce waste, improve the quality of their products, boost supply chain efficiency and so on.

The latest 3D printing advancements and solutions for aerospace will be presented in a two-day series of informative Stratasys speaking sessions:

  • Frederick Claus, Business Development Manager, Aerospace and Defence, Stratasys Direct Manufacturing, will discuss Qualification of Additive Manufactured Flight Rated Components for Military and Commercial Aerospace Applicationson Monday 15 June at 3:30pm in the Conference Room, Hall 2C.
  • Alissa Wild, Senior Additive Manufacturing Research Engineer for the Vertical Solutions Business Unit at Stratasys, will be speaking live about the latest advancements in FDM 3D printing materials on Monday, 15June, at 4:45pm in the Conference Room, Hall 2C.
  • Scott Sevcik, Aerospace and Defence Business Development Manager, Vertical Solutions at Stratasys, will present Additive ManufacturingImpact in Aerospace on Tuesday, 16 June, at 3:30pm in the Conference Room, Hall 2C.
  • Tim Schniepp, Senior Additive Manufacturing Research Engineer for the Vertical Solutions Business Unit at Stratasys, will discuss Additive Manufacturing of Composite Tooling using FDM3D printing technology on Tuesday, 16 June, at 4:45pm in the Conference Room, Hall 2C.

The Paris Air Show will take place at the Le Bourget Exhibition Centre, from 15–21 June 2015.