After the Flood


The Queensland and Victoria floods has devastated many retailers and small businesses. Even those higher up on the supply chain is likely to be affected as well. Businesses are now familiar with flood evacuation procedures and steps to prevent damage to property. But, what should you do after the water recedes?

The light of the recent floods, Queensland government’s website provide details and information for businesses looking to start the recovery process. Here are a few pointers:

Reconnecting gas – Have a licensed gas fitter check any flood affected LPG and natural gas appliances and equipments once the water recedes. Gas supplies can only be restored after receiving a gas system compliance certificate.

Insurance – Before cleaning up the property, owners should contact their insurer. Photographs of damages may need to be taken or an insurance assessor may need to inspect your property to your insurance claim.

Financial help – The government is currently offering immediate recovery assistance of $5000 to flood-affected businesses in eligible areas. The government also put aside $20,000 for businesses who spent money on repairing direct flood damage.

Tax help – The Australian Tax Office (ATO) will defer monthly activity statement deadlines for businesses in flood affected area in Queensland, Northern New South Wales and Western Australia.

Cleaning up – Red Cross Australia provides a booklet providing detailed advice on cleaning up after a flood.

For more information, please visit or phone 13 25 23


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