Retaining Good Employees in a Post Recession World


The worst of recession is over, but this is no time of relief for business owners. While business owners might benefit from employees that stay put and more engaged in their work during downturn, research shows that a third of employees plan to change their job or whole career after recession. So, how to retain good employees that has helped your business weather the worst of downturn?

The most efficient way is to cultivate a good employer-employee relationship. Start by giving rewards and benefits as a token of appreciation to their hard work. It shows your employees that you care. You can also create a positive workplace culture that includes a culture of respect, communication and sometimes play. It is important to listen to what your employees have to say and communicate with them.

It is worth investing in your employees, be it financial resource or time. They will appreciate your effort. In return, you will have highly energetic employees who are productive and efficient.

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