South Australia Releases Green Paper for Industry Consultation

April 3, 2012 • Featured

South Australia’s Department for Manufacturing, Innovation, Trade, Resources and Energy (DMITRE) has launched an industry-wide consultation, in the form of a Green Paper, in support of the development of a Manufacturing Strategy for South Australia. The consultation hopes to stimulate conversation and generate ideas which could best support the development of a more robust and resilient manufacturing sector.

Green Paper for Industry Consultation

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The DMITRE encourages the participation of business, industry associations and even the general public by providing feedbacks on the Green Paper which was released mid-March.

The document was released together with the final report, Manufacturing into the Future, by recent Thinker in Residence Professor Göran Roos.

Feedbacks and comments submitted will be used in the development of the final Manufacturing Strategy for South Australia, due for release by mid-year.

Questions for comment or feedback are:

1. What critical changes will ensure manufacturing is sustainable in a high-wage, high exchange-rate economy?

2. Would the four priority areas for government action (smart decisions, smart opportunities, smart firms, smart people) assist your business or industry to grow? And how?

3. What are the most promising future manufacturing opportunities for South Australia and what key competencies do we need to develop?

4. Professor Goran Roos urged us to upgrade our knowledge of our state’s existing manufacturing capabilities, value chains, new opportunities and technology trends? How can government and industry work together to achieve this? What is the key information that could improve the way you do business?

5. What innovation strategies are most required to modernise manufacturing and which would most benefit your business?

6. What skills and capabilities are going to be required to assist manufacturers to expand their operations in the future?

Feedback on the Green Paper should be provided by May 7, 2012.

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