On The Look Out For Carbon Price Scams

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With the introduction of the Carbon Tax, comes the inevitable scams that can be associated.

SCAMwatch is warning businesses to be on the look out for carbon price scams. An initiative by the government, SCAMwatch, is designed to tackle the problems of pricing scams cleverly disguised to fool unsuspecting individuals.

“Carbon price scams targeting businesses may come in a number of forms, including phone calls and fake websites seeking your personal banking details to pay a carbon tax compensation into your bank account, or to sell you fake carbon credits.


Follow these steps to protect your business:

  • be alert to scam survey calls or websites which ask for personal, business or financial details
  • don’t provide or confirm your personal or business details over the phone unless you made the call using contact details you found yourself and you trust the information
  • don’t enter your credit card or banking details on a website unless you have checked it’s authentic and secure
  • avoid having a large number of staff authorised to make orders or pay invoices – this will reduce the risk of your business paying for something that is not required or is not legitimate.

If you spot a scam or have been scammed, you can report it by visiting the Report a scam  page on the SCAMwatch  website.

Read through our Small business scams feature for information on common scams targeting businesses, and tips to ensure your business is protected.” www.business.gov.au

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