First Graphite nears completion of graphene production unit

July 11, 2016 • News

First Graphite Limited is moving forward with its strategy to become a bulk scale producer of high quality graphene.

250 litre production cell under construction  Image credit: First Graphite Limited ASX release

250 litre production cell under construction
Image credit: First Graphite Limited ASX release

The company has constructed a prototype commercial scale production unit for graphite, which will be ready for installation by the end of this month.

It has also finalised an agreement with Nagrom the Mineral Processor to house the production cell at their premises in Perth and operate it under strict confidential guidelines.

“Test work will be undertaken to confirm the scalability of the production process,” the company said in a statement.

“As integral part of this proving the Company expects that there will be a period of optimisation prior to finalising the process for commercial application.”

First Graphite believes that the 250 litre production unit will give it a significant commercial advantage over any alternative method of producing bulk graphene.

“Rather than relying on a central processing facility from which graphene supplies would be transported, the technology will enable the location of production units in the facilities of the consuming industry for just-in-time production and delivery of pristine graphene, tailored to meet the specific requirements of each customer,” reads the statement.

With each unit expected to produce up to 5 tonnes per annum of graphene at very low capital cost, the company believes industry could soon gain access to bulk quantities of low cost graphene for the first time.

“The pending completion of the production graphene cell and it being housed and operated at Nagrom is a significant step in the Company’s journey to become a quality producer of high-grade graphene,” said Managing Director Craig McGuckin.

“Up until now the high cost of graphene through CVD and other production facilities has been an impediment to full-scale commercialisation of graphene in many areas. However, First Graphite’s process is a game changer in both capital and operating costs. There is no reason why it cannot be the lowest cost supplier to industry.”

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