Vanadium electrolyte pilot plant successfully installed and commissioned at UWA

Initial Vanadium dosing of Acid; and Balanced Vanadium electrolyte
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Diversified resource company Australian Vanadium Limited (AVL) announced that it has successfully installed and commissioned the vanadium electrolyte pilot plant at the University of Western Australia (UWA).

Initial Vanadium dosing of Acid; and Balanced Vanadium electrolyte
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AVL said company personnel have been successfully operating the pilot plant to produce vanadium electrolyte suitable for use in vanadium redox flow batteries (VRBs) – energy storage devices designed to store large amounts of energy.

“The installation of the pilot plant has enabled AVL to develop vanadium electrolyte production expertise and capability within Australia” AVL told the ASX.

“The company aims to develop both stand-alone and mine-attached vanadium electrolyte production capacity to support the growing demand in the VRB storage sector.”

AVL said its immediate plans envision producing a range of batches of vanadium electrolyte that will be analysed over the coming months, with plans in place to build a larger commercial plant if testing produces satisfactory results.

“Information will be gathered from the testing including reviews by vanadium battery researchers and manufactures,” reads the company’s statement.

“Plans for a larger commercial plant will then begin to be evaluated by the Company as part of a Concept Study. Technology options, plant sizing and location will be assessed to determine the ideal commercial model, capital and operating costs for the commercial plant.”

Initially, the company plans to supply vanadium electrolyte to VRB being sold in Australia, New Zealand, the Pacific and Asia, with a view to securing long-term supply agreements with battery manufacturers in Europe.