Holden Teams Up With Better Place to Offer Renewable Energy

July 11, 2012 • News

Picture: Richard Marshall, Holden and Ben Keneally, Better Place

Holden has joined forces with electric car charge network, Better Place, for renewable energy and faster charging solutions for the Holden Volt electric car.

Better Place, which owns and operates a network of public and private Charge Spots to recharge electric cars, will develop a number of membership packages for Holden Volt customers.

The Volt is Holden’s answer to the electric vehicle (EV), with extended-range capability, the vehicle can recharge in less than six hours via a regular household outlet and costs as little as $2.50 for a full charge.

Picture: Holden Volt and Better Place Charge Spot

The Better Place partnership will offer Volt drivers the potential to drive with zero emissions for up to 87kilometres.

“The Volt is unique among electric cars as it can charge from a regular household outlet, but we know from overseas’ experience that Volt customers are likely to also look for faster charging options. And while the Volt is not restricted in range compared to other standard electric vehicles, we do expect that drivers will prefer to drive on battery only wherever possible,” said Holden Energy and Environment Director, Richard Marshall.

Better Place Head of Strategy and Marketing, Ben Keneally said the partnership gave Volt motorists a complete recharging solution for their electric driving.

“The partnership between Better Place and Holden means Volt drivers can choose an all-inclusive service that delivers complete peace of mind and makes driving an electric car easy, convenient and reliable. We look after everything a Volt driver needs – including installing personal charging spots at home or work, delivering shorter charging times, and providing ongoing management, maintenance, and 24-hour customer care,” Mr Keneally said.

Better Place will also install a Volt Charge Spot for participating Holden Volt dealers to enable them to charge their demonstration vehicles when they arrive in the final quarter of this year.

The Holden Volt goes on sale in Australia later this year.

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