Australian Workforce And Productivity Agency Launched


Minister for Tertiary Education, Skills, Science and Research, the Hon Chris Evans has launched the Australian Workforce and Productivity Agency, which builds on the strengths of Skills Australia.


The aim of the new Agency is geared towards improving long term workforce planning and development, to address skills and labour shortages and contribute to improvements in industry and workplace productivity

The Australian Workforce and Productivity Agency will build on the current role and strengths of Skills Australia and will work to deliver practical industry led workforce strategies. In addition to looking at skills and workforce development needs at the national level, the Agency will work in consortia with industry to conduct research at the sectoral level to identify the range of interventions needed and to identify how to enable the key parties, especially employers, workers and local communities to contribute to the development of a sustainable occupational workforce. (AWPA).

Ai Group Chief Executive, Innes Willox, said “Ai Group welcomes today’s launch of the Australian Workforce & Productivity Agency. With the unacceptably low levels of productivity and intensifying skill shortages in Australia, there is an urgent need for industry to be given a stronger role in our training system. We need to ensure that skills development is focused on the right areas, well coordinated and driven by the needs of industry and the economy. The new Agency, in conjunction with industry, is well placed to tackle this problem.”

“Ai Group has advocated for the establishment of a better targeted industry-driven skills body and we look forward to working with the Government through the new Agency, “Mr Willox said.

The Agency will also have a key role in the allocation of funds under the new industry-driven National Workforce Development Fund, which will provide $700 million over five years to industry to support an estimated 250,000 training places in areas of greatest skills need.

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