Australian Made Calls on Consumers to ‘Keep Australians Working’


The Australian Made, Australian Grown (AMAG) Campaign is calling on consumers to help keep Australians in their jobs.

“There is a direct correlation between the purchasing behaviours of the general public and employment, local economic development and prosperity,” said AMAG CEO, Ian Harrison. “When you buy Aussie-made and grown products, you can be sure there are Aussie jobs behind them.”

Picture: Screenshot of Keep Australians Working Campaign: Cannery Worker

AMAG’s ‘Keep Australians Working’ campaign — which aired on national television for the first time last night on Channel 10’s The Project — features real workers from a wide range of industry backgrounds explaining how their livelihoods could be impacted if consumers choose to buy imported products in favour of Australian-made and grown alternatives.

“You can buy one of our great Australian products, or you can buy an imported product and put us out of a job,” they say matter-of-factly.

The hope is that this confronting truth will make consumers stop and think about the knock-on effects of their purchasing decisions before buying.


This message is timely. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the unemployment rate increased to 5.2% in June 2012, due to the loss of 27,000 jobs.

“After decades of uninterrupted growth in Australia, it has perhaps become too easy to disconnect from our responsibility to keep job and career opportunities available for all Australians, particularly the young,” Mr Harrison said.

“It comes down to all of us as consumers– the people and businesses that buy things every day – to consciously purchase Australian-made and grown products.

The green-and-gold Australian Made, Australian Grown logo is the best way for consumers to be sure the products they are purchasing are genuinely Australian.

“The Australian public has a very important role to play,” Mr Harrison said.

“If we don’t start supporting local industry and local jobs by buying Australian-made and grown products, our neighbours, friends and family members could be put out of work.

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