Help for manufacturers in a clean energy future

Dollar-for-dollar funding is now available for carbon price liable manufacturing businesses under the $1 billion Clean Technology Programs.

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Manufacturers who operate a facility that emits 25,000 tonnes or greater of greenhouse gas emissions but less than 100,000 tonnes, in the full financial year prior to their application lodgement, now only have to match the Government grants on a dollar-for-dollar basis.

Announcing the update to the Clean Technology Investment Programs’ guidelines, the Minister for Industry and Innovation, Greg Combet, said the new funding ratio would increase support for manufacturers to invest in equipment and technology to reduce their power bills and emissions.

‘The change in the Clean Technology Investment Programs’ grant ratio has been made after detailed consultations with industry. It will ensure manufacturers who are directly liable under the carbon price are able to apply for significant assistance under the Clean Technology Investment programs,’ Mr Combet said.


‘Capital investment in low emission and energy efficient technologies throughout manufacturing facilities will help these Australian businesses to become more competitive and sustainable.’

The new funding ratio is available retrospectively to businesses that meet the criteria, and have already lodged an application under the Clean Technology Investment Programs.  For businesses not liable under the carbon pricing mechanism, the existing grant funding ratios will continue to apply. Manufacturers with turnover of less than $100 million seeking a grant under $500,000 would continue to receive a dollar for dollar grant ratio.

The Programs are currently open for applications. For further information visit the Clean Technology Investment Program website.


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