As a response to a failure in tanks that have been brought in from overseas, in-house engineers at Australia’s leading supplier of custom container solutions SCF Group have developed a next- generation pneumatic tank that will dramatically reduce long term maintenance costs and risks associated with powdered goods transportation.


The field-tested, AS 1210 and WorkSafe compliant Gen 4 Pneumatic Tanks feature internal pressurisation and pneumatic load systems, which allow products such as cement and quicklime to be transported in powder form and mixed on site when the product is ready to be used.

“It’s a smarter and safer solution for our clients in the cement, mining or infrastructure industries,” said Jamie Driscoll, SCF Tank Containers Divisional Manager.

“We’ve put the tanks through their paces in the field to determine their strength and durability and have been overwhelmed by the results under harsh Australian conditions.”


“Improving our product offering through innovation has always been the focus of our business and this tank is proof that there is always a smarter, more cost effective way to transport goods using latest technology.”

The tank is a major milestone for SCF Group, which is a leading Australian supplier of specialised and standard shipping containers for rail cargo, liquid transport, storage and portable accommodation. Founded by the current CEO, Richard Sykes in 1991, SCF is now a dominant player in the Australian container leasing market.

SCF Group has two decades of experience in the Australian Transport and Logistics Industry and is recognised for the durability, quality and flexibility of its container products. With over 60 employees, the Group manages a growing fleet and delivers across Australia with offices in Adelaide, Darwin, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth and a nationwide depot network.

A number of major clients have already adopted the technology, which can be delivered in just 90 days from date of order for hire or purchase. Review via SCF website or contact Jamie Driscoll on 1800 769 588.

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