Investing in Technology Helps WA Businesses Come Clean


Four manufacturers in Western Australia are using grants to invest in clean technology that will increase their energy efficiency, reduce their power bills and improve their competitiveness.

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The grants, part of the Government’s Clean Technology Investment Programs, are helping these businesses install more than $4.8 million worth of energy efficient equipment.

The programs include the $800 million Clean Technology Investment Program and the $200 million Clean Technology Food and Foundries Investment Program, funded through the Government’s Clean Energy Future package.


One of the businesses to benefit, Fremantle-based Richgro, a garden products supplier, will be able to generate all of its power onsite, reducing the company’s carbon emissions and its electricity consumption by 100 per cent.

It will do this by building a waste-to-energy plant at its main manufacturing facility, helping the company receive and process a more diverse stream of organic waste, including food waste diverted from landfill.

Three other manufacturers, Supa Stik Labels and Labelling Systems, Naturaliste Vintners Pty Ltd and Canon Foods, will also reap the benefits from the grant program.

Through investing in clean technology, Supa Stik Labels and Labelling Systems will be able to reduce its carbon emissions intensity by over 31 per cent by upgrading and replacing aging and power-intensive printing presses with new digital presses.

Similarly, Naturaliste Vintners Pty Ltd will upgrade two refrigeration units to use more environmental friendly hydro-carbon gasses as well as insulating wine tanks with stainless steel.

And Canon Foods will convert two electronically heated components of its processing line to a gas-fired thermal oil system to reduce the company’s site-wide carbon emissions intensity by 39.9 per cent.

These grants are just the beginning. Over the coming years the Clean Technology Investment Programs are expected to support around 3,000 projects.

As a result, Australian manufacturers, food processers and foundries will become more efficient, more competitive and more sustainable.

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