Forum to set the direction for innovation in South Australia


Leading innovation experts from across the country will come together today during a high-level Innovation Forum hosted by the Department for Manufacturing, Innovation, Trade, Resources and Energy (DMITRE).


The Forum aims to explore strategies to shape a culture of innovation across industry, government and the tertiary research sector.

Leaders across the State Government have also been invited to the Forum to investigate ways organisations can use innovation to improve the way they do business and increase productivity, sustainability and competitiveness.

Attendees were provided with preliminary reading in preparation for the event, including a number of successful innovation case studies. Download a copy of the document.

Research has shown that innovation in government and industry helps drive development of better ways of doing business and DMITRE is committed to taking a lead role in this

DMITRE Chief Executive Geoff Knight opened the Forum by outlining DMITRE’s vision for innovation in South Australia, and its particular importance in growing advanced manufacturing, which has been identified as one of the Premier’s seven key priorities for government.

This is the first in DMITRE’s ‘Innovation Series’ of forums that will look at what can be learned from others, and what can be achieved within south Australia.

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