Garments Manufacturer Determined to Manufacture in Australia


    Australian manufacturer of merino wool garments, Ewenique is determined to keep making Australian made products, for one simple reason – quality.

    ‘We are Australian Made and we have the logo to prove it! Of course we could get a cheaper rate if we manufactured off shore but we do not and will not go down that path. By manufacturing locally we can ensure the best quality assurance and can pop in at any time to see how things are going,'(ewenique).

    Manufacturing in Sydney, Ewenique pride themselves in keeping their successful garments business solely Australian, believing ‘some companies claim to be made in their own countries but are they really? How many of these products are actually made elsewhere. ‘

    All Ewenique garments are made in Sydney from 100% Australian merino wool. We have been approached with offers to take it offshore but we made the decision that our production would always remain in Australia,” said Ewenique Co-Director Alex Harper.

    With many clothing manufacturers outsourcing manufacturing to foreign countries, Ewenique has found success online.

    “In Australia ewenique garments can only be bought via our web site and the online space will be central to the business as we go forward. However, for other markets we decided that it would be best to work with local partners as we do not understand how the online world works in these countries. Our experience is that it is a mistake to think that the term “online ” means the same thing everwhere. As we evolve as a business we may review this approach.”

    With Australian manufacturing continuously under strain from the high Australia dollar, Harper believes the clothing sector in particular cannot rely on a high volume model of production.

    “Our experience is that in our industry Australia cannot compete in a high volume, low cost model  as we just don’t have the scale. However, there are great opportunites in niche markets where qualtiy is an important deciding factor.”

    “Made in Australia is a strong brand overseas and customers are prepared to pay a premium price if they feel they are getting value for money and guaranteed quality. Pardon the pun, but we decided to stick to our knitting and do what we believe is important, ” said Harper.

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