Holden is Looking to Assemble Australia’s Biggest Batch of Electric Vehicles


The AMWU has welcomed reports that Holden will be looking to assemble Australia’s biggest batch of electric vehicles, locally.

Holden Volt, Picture Courtesy of www.http://media.gm.com/

Dave Smith, Vehicles Division National Secretary, said the developments are welcome given the pressure the automotive industry has been on in recent times and could lead to a large number of new Australian jobs.

“The global drive train technology is rapidly moving toward alternative fuels and electrification. This puts Australia at the cutting edge of technological development. This is good news for Australia’s 250,000 automotive workers and their families,” he said.

“The government’s coinvestment schemes have defended thousands of jobs in the Australian car industry as it has transformed itself throughout the perfect storm of a high Australian dollar and the GFC.”


Mr Smith believes in the export potential of the Holden Electric Vehicles, citing California as a clear example for the global demand, with petrol reaching $4 per gallon in the state, ” this is the sort of technology that the American consumer will be screaming out for,” he said.

Holden’s Volt can recharge in less than six hours via a regular household outlet and costs as little as $2.50 for a full charge.

“This proposal has export potential. This is what co-investment is designed to do – allow Australian companies to compete in the global supply chain and give Australian skills, innovation and technology the chance to compete on a level playing field.

High skilled workers and having some of the best engineers in the world, is what places Australia ahead of the game, in a level playing field Mr Smith believes.

“While some economists have been critical of the industry in recent times, this proposal delivers on the aims of the co-investment scheme.

“Cutting edge technology, jobs and penetration of global supply chains. The benefits are pretty hard to argue against and I urge the government to press ahead and support this proposal. It is about Australia’s future,” said Mr. Smith.

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