Australian Manufacturing Needs Your Help to Keep 85,000 Jobs Safe


AMWU, National Secretary, Paul Bastian, has called for the support of all Australians, to keep manufacturing alive in Australia. 

Recently, the Australian Manufacturing Workers Union (AMWU) has been busy visiting shop floors around the country, promoting the campaign Making Our Future.

“We’ve all been working hard to save 85,000 manufacturing jobs and to get work back into our factories. But there’s more to do and we need your help. Will you ask your friends and colleagues to stand up for manufacturing jobs?

The future of manufacturing in Australia lies in a National Manufacturing Plan. The more people who support the campaign and tell their MP that people care, the more likely our politicians will pay attention to the Taskforce’s recommendations,” Mr Bastian said.

Getting work back into Australia factories relies on MP’s acting on recommendations from the PM’s Manufacturing Taskforce, revealed Mr Bastian.

The AMWU called for more Government support yesterday, after the delivery of the Navy’s new warship arrived from Spain, a project that could have easily been manufactured in Australia. ‘The AMWU believes this ship should have been made in Australia – and not imported from overseas. ‘


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