AMWU Priority Is Getting Automotive Workers Back To Work


After the announcement yesterday that automotive company Autodom Limited was closing down three facilities indefinitely, AMWU issued a statement saying their top priority was getting members back to work.

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AWMU members were stood down, as 400 jobs lay on the cutting block as three auto parts factories, owned by DAIR Industries, closed indefinitely, as parent company Autodom Limited seeks assistance with financing so it can continue production.

The union’s Victorian Assistant Secretary Leigh Diehm said today that he expected the future of the plants to become clearer in the next 24-48 hours as parent

Mr Diehm said he had been told by the company it had “large financial difficulties” and had stood down workers indefinitely, although officially until tomorrow.
“Our priority is our members, we want to see our members back at work as soon as possible and we want to see our members have assurances as to what their future is,” he said.


Mr Diehm revealed the hope was to get members back at work by next week, however that was dependent upon talks the company is currently having with car manufacturers and the Federal Government, with regards to raising extra capital.

AMWU reported 130 workers in Dandenong and 30 at New Gisborne in Victoria, with a further 130 in Adelaide, were told at 7am meetings today of the move, which came as a surprise to everyone in the industry.

Mr Diehm said there was no earlier hint that Autodom faced financial problems, as the company had purchased excess equipment from car parts maker CMI, which is being wound up, in the past month.

Autodom said it had been unable to reach agreement in negotiations with parts makers on continuing production.

“The company has not closed, we’re hopeful that our members will be back at work next week,” Mr Diehm said.