Australian Manufacturing Workers Union Welcomes Investment in Tasmania


The Australian Manufacturing Workers’ Union has welcomed the Tasmanian Government’s $76m jobs plan as a boost to the state’s employment and economy.

The Unions’ State Secretary John Short revealed that the union had been calling for initiatives to be taken to boost residential housing, and house and land developments, which will cause flow on effects for local manufacturing and the general economy.

AMWU also welcomed the government’s decision to put jobs before a budget surplus, recognising the importance of spending to get through tough economic times.

“While the plan is welcome, we would caution the government to ensure that all that can be done to ensure that the materials, parts and equipment used in the construction is sourced in Tasmania, otherwise the benefits will leave the state.  One example of a site crying out for local content under construction is the King Island wind farm. The union has raised issues of procurement policy and practice, to ensure that wind towers will be sourced locally,”  said Mr Short.


Doubling the first home owners grant is a welcome announcement and a path, Mr Short revealed, the Prime Minister’s Manufacturing Task Force recommended, with the common sense being that if you boost the housing stock being built, you’ll increase jobs.

“While it’s certainly welcome to create local jobs, what matters now is that we maximise the opportunity to get on with Tasmania’s recovery by supporting local industries to supply the parts to build these dwellings. We’ve lost a third of the manufacturing sector since the GFC in Tasmania and it’s critical we do what we can to get work back in our factories now”, said Mr Short.