Strengthening the Textile Clothing and Footwear sector


The Gillard Government has announced an investment of $3.7 million to support four new projects to enhance the competitiveness of Australia’s Textile, Clothing and Footwear (TCF) sector.

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Image courtesy of [mrpuen] / 

The new projects, which will include developing a material for curtains that absorbs noise while letting in sunlight, and a centre of excellence for digital printing – will be supported by the TCF Strategic Capability Program.


Minister Assisting for Industry and Innovation, Senator Kate Lundy, last week announced the four new grants worth a combined $3.7 million (GST exclusive) from the third round of the program.

“These projects will combine research with industry know-how to boost the capability of the textile, clothing and footwear sector. The TCF sector is important to Australia’s economy and, while it faces challenges from cheap overseas competition, these projects demonstrate that through innovation our industry also has significant potential,” Senator Lundy said.

The new projects are aimed towards creating new opportunities to combine industry with cutting-edge research to develop and capitalise on new ideas in the clothing labels and textile field, she revealed

The four projects funded under the third round of the TCF Strategic Capability Program include:

  • Digital Textile Printing Pty Ltd ($1,269,299) will create a Centre of Digital Excellence to develop and facilitate accredited training courses on digital design creation and printing for the TCF industry.
  • Materialised Pty Ltd ($461,189) will undertake a project with the CSIRO, to develop a sheer curtain textile that can provide reduced noise reverberation, while providing a high degree of light transmission for the Hospitality, Health Care and Aged Care sectors.
  • Bekaert (Australia) Pty Ltd ($1,152,185) in conjunction with RMIT and CSIRO, will undertake research to improve the performance of restorative sleep through textiles and bedding products with a focus on the health and aged care markets.
  • Bruck Textiles Pty Ltd ($793,585) in partnership with Victoria University, will research the potential for a membrane distillation process to convert waste heat and waste water (effluent) from textile processing to recycled water, (Innovation).

The projects join the 17 ground breaking projects already being funded by the TCF Strategic Capability Program such as the Textile and Fashion Hub in inner city Melbourne, which provides state of the art design, training and short-run production to designers and Australian manufacturers.

The TCF Strategic Capability program has funded 21 projects worth $33 million that will run to 30 June 2015.

For more information about the TCF Strategic Capability Program, and other support for the sector, please visit

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