Bumper Year for Aussie Olive Oil


This is originally posted on Australian Food News.

Australia is on track for a record for olive oil production, expecting 17 million litres of extra virgin olive oil for 2011. Favourable climate conditions have boosted the industry after a lower-than-anticipated harvest last year. Most of Australia’s olives are grown in east, south and west of the country, with Victoria producing majority of extra virgin olive oil. Harvest time varies across the states but majority are harvested in May.

Extraction of olive oil is a relatively simple process involving few critical steps. Australian extra virgin olive oil manufacturers know that if they use good quality olives, process them quickly after picking, employ the services of  spotless clean processing plant and don’t strive for excessive extraction, quality extra virgin olive oil will result.


To learn more about olive oil extraction process, read the full post here.

Image: Suat Eman / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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