Pump Solutions Australasia Introduces Design Changes to Grundfos Line

January 30, 2013 • Uncategorized

Pump Solutions Australasia has recently implemented a few changes to their product line, according to a press release on PR Wire. The distributor of specialist pumps represents several manufacturers and also provides guide to modifications and developments in product lines such as Grundfos and Fluid-o-Tech.

Grundfos now has solar inverter technology that enables many of their pumps to operate solely on solar power. This has allowed Grundfos to develop pumps that provide more water than older models of pumps. The market for pumps has shown an increase in demand for solar-powered models as the price of solar panels go down. This has also given the company the opportunity to supply their products to larger projects without the need for a nearby power source.

Grundfos also introduced a new line of axial flow pumps that features their proprietary turbulence optimizer. According to the press release, the KPL axial flow propeller pump which is designed for high flow at low head has a flow capacity of up to 700m3/min at a head of up to 9m. It is used for flood control and other situations where it is necessary to move a large amount of water. The KPL pumps are reasonably-priced and can be designed according to a customer’s particular needs.

A few months ago Pump Solutions Australasia also introduced certain changes to Fluid-o-Tech’s PO/PA 70-400, the TMFR and TSFR series. The PO/PA 70-400 series now has a smooth profile, a change from the previous classic finned profile. Meanwhile, the TMFR and TSFR series has a lighter and more efficient motor, and a controller that has a wider speed range and more control options.

The mechanism allows the TMFR and TSFR series to achieve the most efficient performance and adapt to a wider range of conditions. An external board has also been added, letting both series respond better to changes in pressure or temperature. Despite these improvements Pump Solutions Australasia maintains that they have been able to keep the prices of their products at a reasonable level.

Pump Solutions Australasia, which started as a manufacturer of pumps for the manufacturing and fishing industries, has evolved to focus on wholesaling and distributing pumps from all over the world. Every year they implement small changes to their product line to ensure Australians are getting the best options of pumps at reasonable prices.

Visit their website for more information: or call 1300 922 973.

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