Motorola Xoom


The market for tablet PCs are sure exploding, with several iPad rivals popping up and into consumer’s bag and briefcase. This May, Motorola will release its tablet PC: Motorola Xoom, which will be launched on Telstra Next G Network. Although there is no announcement for the fixed price as yet, the Android-powered device and the first to run Google’s Honeycomb operating system has gadget fans buzzing. The winner of best tablet device at Consumer Electrics Show at Las Vegas, sales of Xoom in US were slow. Xoom boasts a larger screen than iPad2, recharges in half the time it takes to recharge iPad2 and users can personify their screen.

On the other hand, Apple is resorting to sue Samsung for “blatantly copying” its devices and trying to own the term “App Store”.

View Motorola Xoom tech specs.


Image: Motorola Xoom. Telstra Exchange.

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