Vehicle Sales Continue Upward in January, While Sales of Locally Manufactured Vehicles Declined

The Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCAI) has announced earlier this week that the new vehicle market has started the year with a solid result.

Picture:  (FrameAngel)
Picture: (FrameAngel)

FCAI’s monthly VFACTS data showed that 85,430 passenger cars, SUV’s and commercial vehicles were sold in January, which is an increase of 11.3 percent or 8,647 vehicles compared to January 2012.

In terms of passenger cars and SUV’s, the Mazda3 was on top with 3,345 units sold, followed by the Toyota Corolla (2,960 units), the Toyota Hilux (2,747), Nissan Navara (2,474) and the Ford Focus (2,364).

Overall, Toyota was the best performing brand in January selling 13,375 vehicles., followed by Mazda with 8,912 and Holden with 8,811.


January saw a positive trend for the SUV market as Australian vehicle buyers bought more of the big cars, a 20.1 per cent increase in sales last month compared with January 2012.

According to the media release from FCAI, “SUVs represented 31.2 per cent of the total market in January. Light commercials saw a 43.9 per cent increase, which is mostly attributable to a very strong surge in the sale of 4×4 pickups (a 63.6 per cent increase, or 3,897 units) compared with January last year.”

However, sales of locally manufactured vehicles declined by 28.4 percent which is equivalent to 2,722 units compared to this period last year.

“Government purchases were down 30.1 per cent compared with January last year. The bulk of this reduction was seen in the passenger car category which is down 45.4 per cent, while private purchases of passenger cars increased by 4.3 per cent compared with this time last year. For the first time ever, passenger cars now make up less than 50 per cent of the new vehicle market, dropping to 49.1 per cent,” according to FCAI.

Sales growth was seen in all states, with Tasmania and South Australia exhibiting particularly strong results at 39.2 and 28.0 percent respectively.

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