Siemens PLM Software Releases Tecnomatix 11


Siemens PLM Software has announced the release of the latest version of its Tecnomatix Software via a press release from the company. Tecnomatix 11 is a comprehensive digital manufacturing solution that helps companies arrive at smarter decisions to determine ways to increase productivity, lower costs, and meet quality targets.

Image via Siemens PLM Software Flickr
Image via Siemens PLM Software Flickr

Tecnomatix brings innovation to the process by linking all manufacturing disciplines with product engineering, including process engineering and simulation and, and production management.

“In today’s global marketplace, innovative products are the price of entry, but rapidly changing demographics and increasing competitive pressures demand process innovation as well,” according to information from Siemens.

“This is why leading manufacturers are increasingly turning to Tecnomatix® digital manufacturing solutions from Siemens PLM Software to make smarter decisions, earlier for increasing productivity and agility while lowering costs and gaining a higher return on production investments.”

The enhancements to Tecnomatix 11 help manufacturers plan more efficient processes for increasingly complex products.


The highlights include:

  •  Ten percent faster robotic simulation and offline programming
  • Deeper integration between 3D documents and standard textual instructions
  • Complete Body-in-White (BiW) processing with Manufacturing Process Planner and Process Simulate on Teamcenter
  • Two-way integration between PLM and the Simatic MES (manufacturing execution system) that automates the creation of the manufacturing work plan in the Simatic MES product and allows for data and issue capture from the MES system back into Teamcenter.
  • Enhancements to the enterprise bill-of-process (BOP) and line balancing capabilities that automate mixed-model, mixed-plant BOP creation and allow for balancing a manufacturing line with multiple product variants.

The features of Tecnomatix 11 also include improvements on the areas of human factors and ergonomics, robotics & automation, and logistics & throughput.

For instance, the Jack software in the Tecnomatix 11 portfolio enables the user to improve the ergonomics of the product design and refine industrial tasks. The software includes toolkits that perform analysis which guides the user in incorporating human factors and ergonomics into the planning, design and validation stages of the product lifecycle.

Aside from that, the human-oriented features of Tecnomatix 11 also include integrated Kinect for Windows module and partial body motion tracking support, 64-bit support for large geometry environment performance improvement, and European Assembly Worksheet (EAWS) integration.

In addition to the faster robotic simulation, Tecnomatix 11 also boasts enhanced mirror functionality, enhanced swept volume and interference zone calculation, and re-project and merge functionality for continuous feature operations.

Meanwhile, the improved modeling and simulation of conveyor feeding, and full Unicode support for direct, native usage of all languages, are just some of the improved features on the logistics aspect of Tecnomatix 11.

For more information please visit the Tecnomatix 11 Information page and Tecnomatix 11 Blog.